Sunday, March 21, 2010

BOOK SIGNING - The excitement is mounting!

Well, this year I replaced images and proofread text to return to the editors at Arcadia. Then I received it back with questions and forwarded it to three fact-checkers: Mike Grobbel for information on Center Line, and Jean DeDecker and Dorothy Cummings for the Warren information. After compiling their comments, I them embarked on the final steps to read and re-read from start to finish to make sure there were details and confirmations of properties or names in place.

The editor suggested I do a "Then & Now" book with intersections of, say, Chicago and Mound Roads then and stand in the same place to show what is there now. Also, the other book I had in mind is in another state, but I don't think I can begin that too soon because things are getting very busy in the promotion of this book.

Those at CITY HALL has been very excited and promoted it at the Mayor's recent State of the City address luncheon. They are also including an insert in the city water bill in April, so look for the BOOK SIGNING INFORMATION SATURDAY, APRIL 17th AT CITY HALL!! I hope it will be a fun and lively event. If you have a book, bring it in for signing; if you do not, there will be books for sale there.

TV Warren and the school systems are other possibilities for promotion and for the school to stock this book in their libraries for the local history project mandate for students of a certain grade to do during Michigan Week.

Then I received five advance copies and promptly sent two to those to which the book is dedicated. They were pleasantly surprised and so happy for my accomplishment. It feels good to have something positive happening for a change; it's been a long time.

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  1. It is indeed a wonderful book of which you should be very proud! I hope to be able to meet all those people who helped you with this wonderful endeavor and accomplishment,Martha.
    Also looking forward to your next book!