Wednesday, April 21, 2010

First Book Signing

Well, this was a fun event. For those of you who attended, thank you all so much and to the City of Warren for sponsoring the event. What a beautiful venue! I'll have some pictures to post here of the event and Warren history, but still need to review them and decide what to post.

What fun. There were some mysteries on the way to being solved which is so exciting. One is the mystery of John L. Beebe, brought up by a distant relative. Where was he buried? Does anyone have a photo or article? Date of death? Location of burial?

Groesbeck and Wiegand families arrived as well. With such a big family, there was a lot to talk about there. Eleanor Bates stopped in to talk about life in the city with her husband Ted's energetic tenure as mayor in the 1980s.

And Jim Hanley's relative who filled in a few blanks about Hanley's property that defaulted, was taken over by one of the Halmich men (Henry?) in the 1920s. Hanley moved away so a deed might show the deed transfer of actually Halmich and Detroit Memorial Park Association or one of the coporation's names.

A couple bought the book today for a friend who is related to the first librarian in Warren, Anna Bull Zorn. I would love to locate more than one picture of her as a young woman.

Can't wait to see stories and photos uploaded here to solve more mysteries.

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