Tuesday, May 4, 2010


The Troy Barnes & Noble book signing was a fun and lively event. We had about 15 people there and some brought in their already-purchased books for me to sign. Earl and Marilyn Parrish were the first to attend and with purpose about JFK's visit in 1960. The JC Penney that is in the background was not the site of the Walmart, but Walmart did move to the Tech Plaza later. It just did not occupy the JC Penney site.

Rinke family members were there talking about John A. Rinke and his tireless involvement in the community.

I was so happy to see Sue and Jane from high school and THEY had not seen each other for quite some time so that was fun for them, too! Odell and Chris really helped out on the Barnes and Noble side. It was fun to work there in Christmas 2007 and the reason I wanted to support that store. We talked about having maybe a group book signing in November/December with other Arcadia authors.

When I got home there was a call from a woman wanting me to speak to their group in Sterling Heights and I have a couple more of those this month. Things are getting exciting! And Volume Two is definitely going to happen. I will be collecting information, stories, and photos for that one beginning now! So feel free to contact me with your stories if you want them to be included in Volume Two! : )

So it's on to B&N Royal Oak this Saturday. Hope to see you there!

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