Sunday, May 9, 2010


Well, yesterday was my first bitter pill. Guess they can't all be huge successes, but this one was a total dud. The Royal Oak folks almost sold out and I did not sign or sell one book. Not only is this in the heart of Royal Oak, but R.O. in general is a very popular spot in the Detroit area and Michigan.

Warren has yet to focus and value its heritage to maximum tourism benefit. It is frustrating to be able to "see" how to do accomplish this and not have the powers that be want to clamour to call me and get me started IMMEDIATELY! I can see and have written the appropriate nominations and reports for other cities that are farther along with maximizing federal and state tax credits for historically significant properties, have organized and archived small museums as well as retail options to help in revenue for the organizations, have assisted in successful million-dollar grant writing efforts.

I'm a resident, qualified and ready to run with it. I have taken a project from a proacative position of contacting the publisher to secure it, researched and wrote, compiled, dug and dug deeper, and have been promoting this book. When I thank the people of Warren for coming to an event, they have been saying things like, "It's about time Warren had a book in this series," or "Well, thank YOU for doing this! We deserve it!", and "Is there a volume two in the works?"

That feels good and the City runs the risk of being penny-wise pound-foolish by not seeing that money invested NOW (in an economic downturn) is money saved when the economy comes back, and properties purchased in the right places NOW are properties that will be positioned just right when people are spending again.

Guess yesterday's event got me thinking about a lot of these issues once again. Once the area is sought after (or built), they will come!

Keep coming back - it works if you work it! : )


  1. As a long time Warren historian and author of 14 books on Warren History and as a person often considered an authority on Warren History I can truthfully say that Martha's book is the finest book on Warren history ever written, no doubt. And as the photo historian of many years with a collection of 8,000 fotos I can truthfully state that Martha's book is the finest foto book on Warren history ever published. I love this book. If you would like to make a present to an old timer get them this book. It should bring back some good memories. If you would like to inspire a young person or educate them about local history this would be a great book to get. Warren (Images of America) is also a great coffee table book. I can also verify that it is authoritative. Prof Wesley E Arnold historian

  2. Hey, Wes! Coming from you, the man that wrote the introduction to the book, that's saying a lot!! You really were so helpful in the year-and-a-half it took to put the book together. You and Mike Grobbel, the other authority on Center Line. Keep those good vibes coming by the way of the book! : )