Friday, June 11, 2010

May Happenings

Wow, what a month! The book continues to sell well, and is even in its second printing. The publisher says that if they sell through their first run in one year they are happy; so a second printing after two months makes me happy! : )

After suffering from the many complications of old age, my father passed away on May 19th at the age of 89. His family were around him and now the ashes both of my parents will be buried in Wisconsin in July. I keep thinking about things to take over to him or a way to engage him, and this will be difficult. My parents will be deeply missed but really do live on in us in the things we do, think, like, remember.

Warren's two-day Greatest Garage Sale event Memorial Day weekend was fun. Didn't sell 75 books, but actually sold 23 over two days and that wasn't too bad. Could have been better, maybe. Attendance was down this year, we heard, but people were spending more. Bruce Rinke is my best customer! Thanks Bruce, for sharing this history with your family members... we will connect the dots and get to the bottom of the Rinke (and related) family mysteries!

Thanks to Phil Fell, Barney Nowicki, Carol Minnick, Wes and Margaret Arnold, April and May were lucrative and without their help it would have been a lot more difficult!

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